This page begins with suggestions of music for trumpet written by Women Composers. Scroll down to the end of the entire list for suggestions of literature/method books from the Trompettes Soniques players. The page will be updated as new information becomes available. Feel free to reach out if you would like to add a piece to this list.

Click on the instrumentation you wish to view. There are “Return to Top of Page” links in the list. The literature is organized into these categories and in this order: Trumpet Alone, Trumpet and Piano, Trumpet and Organ, Trumpet and Electronics, Trumpet and Narrator, Trumpet and Percussion, Two Trumpets, Trumpet and Brass Instrument Duet, Trumpet and Woodwind Duet, Trumpet and String Duet (with Piano), Trumpet and Voice, Three Trumpets, Brass Trio, Mixed Trio, Mixed Quartet, Mixed Quintet, Trumpet Quartet, Brass Quartet, Five or More Trumpets, Brass Quintet, Brass Ensemble, Suggestions for literature and method books from our players

Trumpet Alone

Beamish, Sally: Fanfare for Solo Trumpet

Beat, Janet: Fireworks in Steel

Bernofsky, Lauren: Fantasia

Bielawa, Lisa: Synopsis No. 5

Bingham, Judith: Enter Ghost Act 1, Scene 3 of Hamlet

Bouchard, Linda: Propos (Trumpet Alone or Trumpet Ensemble)

Campbell, Karen: Pieces

Clarke, Rosemary: Winter’s Winds

Cronin, Tanya: Undercurrents

Dinescu, Violeta: Abendandacht

Dunker, Amy: Advanced Solos 1. “Distant Voices” 2. “Hush!” 3. “Improvisation on Raga Asavari” 4. “Prelude: Doina” 5. “Chet” 6. “Satchmo

Dunker, Amy: Celtic Fanfare

Dunker, Amy: Chet

Dunker, Amy: Distant Voices

Dunker, Amy: Growl!

Dunker, Amy: Hush!

Dunker, Amy: Improvisation on Raga Asavari

Dunker, Amy: Prelude-Doina

Dunker, Amy: The Raven

Dunker, Amy: Satchmo

Evans, Sandy: Spectre

Gay, Sandra: Variations on “The Lone Wild Bird”

Hoelszky, Adriana: Weltenenden : For One Or Four Brass Instruments

Hopkins, Esther: Dwelling Places

Hopkins, Esther: Meltemi

Jolas, Betsy: Episode Troisieme

Kaminsky, Laura: Elegy for the Silenced Voice

Kincaid, Rachel: Reverberations in the Stillness

Kulenty, Hanna: Brass No. 1

Kulenty, Hanna: Brass No. 3 (DoubleBell)

Larsen, Libby: Fanfare for the Women

Lim, Liza: Wild Winged One

Marcus, Bunita: Fanfare for Trumpet

Maier, Melissa:

Marshall, Pamela J.: Jazz Inflected Blues

Marshall, Pamela J.: Time to Stand and Stare

Martin, Jennifer: Airborne A Monologue

McCullough, Amanda : A Voice in the Hollow Earth.

Mitchell, Darlene Cowles: Revelations: The Seventh Trumpet

Mundry, Isabel: Solo auf Schwellen

Narimoto, Rica: Cloud, the Grave Stone in the Sky

Neuwirth, Olaga: Laki

Panayotova, Maria: Sea and I

Pierson, Kala: Bright Curves

Reid, Sarah Johnston (Sally): Reflections and Frolic

Rudman, Jessica: Elegy

Schramm, Betsy: Arrays of Light

Schramm, Betsy: Restless Airs

Schramm, Betsy: Suite (Fluegelhorn)

Schwartz, Donna: Fantasy

Skarecky, Jana: Kyrie

Sparey, Carolyn: Zaynab A Tribute

Tann, Hilary: Look Little Low Heavens

Vehar, Persis: Foursquare

Trumpet and Piano

Agioritis, Katrina: Cool, Calm and Collected (Trumpet and Piano) music/19895422

Amrhein, Karen: Sonata (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Caprice (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Concerto (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Intermède (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Jour de Fete (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: L’etourdi (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Manu Militari (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Ménétrier (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Retour au village (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Reverie (Trumpet and Piano)

Arrieu, Claude: Six-huit

Barraine, Elsa : Fanfares de Printemps (Trumpet and Piano)

Baas, Danielle: Classic Blues, Op. 75 (Trumpet and Piano)

Barratt, Carol: Cantelina (Trumpet and Piano) 073999573657-i80030.htm

Bernofsky, Lauren: Spring Song (Trumpet and Piano)

Bernofsky, Lauren: Trumpet Concerto (Trumpet and Orchestra or Trumpet and Piano Reduction)

Bernofsky, Lauren: Saltarello (Trumpet and Piano)

Brenet, Therese: Perles D’ambre (Trumpet and Piano)

Boyd, Ann Carr: Hercules Close Stomp (Trumpet and Piano).

Charriere, Caroline: Concertino (Trumpet and Piano). concertino-for-trumpet-and-chamber-orchestra-or-wind-ensemble-or-piano.html

Charriere, Caroline: Concertino (Trumpet and Piano)

Chitchyan, Geghuni: Humoresque (Trumpet and Piano)

Chitchyan, Geghuni: Armenian Sketch (Trumpet and Piano)

Clostre, Adrienne: Concert (Trumpet and Piano).

Cloud, Judith: Soliloquy (Trumpet and Piano)

Cloud, Judith: Sonata (Trumpet and Piano).

Comolli, Gia: Trumpet Sonata (Trumpet and Piano)

Coulthard, Jean: Fanfare Sonata (Trumpet and Piano)

Dane, Mary: Las Cañadas (Trumpet and Piano)

Desportes, Yvonne: Chanson medieval (Trumpet and Piano)

Deussen, Nancy Bloomer: Afternoon in Asbury Park (Trumpet and Piano)!compositions/cx3

Diemer, Emma Lou: Aria (Trumpet and Piano)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Serenade (Trumpet and Piano)

Dunker, Amy: Lament (Trumpet and Piano)

Dunker, Amy: Postcards (and Memories) (Trumpet and Piano).

Dunker, Amy: Prayer and Lamentation (Trumpet and Piano)

Epstein, Marti: View From My Window (Trumpet and Piano).

Figueroa, Adriana: Little Tango Piece (Trumpet and Piano)

Fine, Elaine: Sonata (Trumpet and Piano)

Fontyn, Jacqueline: Agami (Trumpet and Piano)

Fung, Vivian: Rhapsody (Trumpet and Piano).

Gay, Sandra: Three Trumpetings (Trumpet and Piano).

Gotkovsky, Ida: Concertino (Trumpet and Piano)

Gotkovsky, Ida: Ritournelle (Trumpet and Piano)

Gubaidulina, Sofia: Song Without Words (Trumpet and Piano) 1423402030-i454937.htm

Gubaidulina, Sofia: Two Ballads (Two Trumpets and Piano) 1423402030-i454937.htm

Harbach, Barbara: Preambulations (Trumpet and Piano)

Henderson, Ruth Watson: Intrada (Trumpet and Piano)

Higdon, Jennifer: Trumpet Songs (Trumpet and Piano)

Holland, Dulcie: Early Bird (Trumpet and Piano)

Holland, Dulcie: Evening Song (Trumpet and Piano)

Holland, Dulcie: Happy New Year (Trumpet and Piano)

Holland, Dulcie: Pretty Cocky (Trumpet and Piano)

Holland, Dulcie: Roundabout (Trumpet and Piano)

Holland, Dulcie: Slow Boat to Manly (Trumpet and Piano)

Holland, Dulcie: Tunes for New Trumpeters (Trumpet and Piano)

Hopkins, Esther: Dwelling Places (Trumpet and Piano)

Hsu, Chia-Yu: Suite No. 2 (Trumpet and Piano)

Inwood, Mary: Sonata (Trumpet and Piano)

Jankowski, Loretta: Sonata (Trumpet and Piano)

Jankowski, Loretta: Toccatella (Trumpet and Piano)

Johnston, Helen: Anna Karenina (Trumpet and Piano)

Kats-Chernin, Elena: Eliza Aria (Trumpet and Piano)

Kats-Chernin, Elena: Green Leaf Prelude (Trumpet and Piano) trumpet-and-piano

Kats-Chernin, Elena: Slicked Back Tango (Trumpet and Piano)

Kincaid: Rachel: Loss (Trumpet and Piano) trumpet-and-piano.html

Kolb, Barbara: Related Characters (Trumpet and Piano)

Kulenty, Hanna: A Sixth Circle (Trumpet and Piano)

Kulenty, Hanna: Walc z Lost & Found – twenty five (Trumpet and Piano)

Lang, Mary Jane: Wispy Clouds (Trumpet and Piano)

Lang, Mary Jane: Jazzisity (Trumpet and Piano)

Lang, Mary Jane: Celebration (Trumpet and Piano)

Larsen, Libby: Ridge-Runner (Trumpet and Piano)

Lee, HyeKyung: Frenetic Dream (Trumpet and Piano)

Leontchik, Svetlana: Concerto (Trumpet and Piano)

Le Siege, Annette: Impromptu (Trumpet and Piano)

McDowall, Cecilia: Framed (Trumpet and Piano)

McDowall, Cecilia: Night Trumpeter (Trumpet and Piano)

Mehocic, Beth: Moving Through Blue (Flugelhorn and Piano)

Miller, Sarah: For Takako: A Fantasy on Hirajoshi (Trumpet and Piano)

Miller, Sarah: The Tiger Dreams (Trumpet and Piano)

Morehead, Patricia: Arioso (Trumpet and Piano)

Neikirk, Anne: Metamorphosis (Trumpet and Piano)

Pakhmutova, Alexandra: Nostalgie (Trumpet and Piano)

Pakhmutova, Alexandra: Concerto (Trumpet and Piano)

Peterson, Lynn L: Sonata No. 1 (Trumpet and Piano) 126&controller=product

Peterson, Lynn L: Sonata No. 2 (Trumpet and Piano) 127&controller=product

Philiba, Nicole: Mosaique (Trumpet and Piano)

Piunno, Nicole: Confined (Trumpet and Piano)

Roger, Denise: Cantilene (Trumpet and Piano)

Roger, Denise: Grave-Celebration (Trumpet and Piano)

Roger, Denise: Premier Concert (Trumpet and Piano)

Roger, Denise: Resonnances (Trumpet and Piano)

Rudow, Vivian Adelberg: Dark Waters (Trumpet and Piano)

Rudow, Vivian Adelberg: Devy’s Song (Trumpet and Piano)

Rudow, Vivian Adelberg: John’s Song (Trumpet and Piano)

Rueff, Jeanine: Fantasie Concertante (Trumpet and Piano)

Rueff, Jeanine: Mobiles (Trumpet and Piano)

Rueff, Jeanine: Sonatine (Trumpet and Piano) music/17572962

Sharma, Liz: Proclaiming Joy (Trumpet and Piano)

Schramm, Betsy: Light Excelleth Darkness (Trumpet and Piano)

Silverman, Faye-Ellen: Stories of Our Time (Trumpet and Piano)

Sung, Stella: Vista Dreams (Trumpet and Piano)!__compositions

Tailleferre, Germaine: Choral (Trumpet and Piano)

Tailleferre, Germaine: Gaillarde (Trumpet and Piano)

Tanaka, Karen: Silent Ocean (Trumpet and Piano) for-trumpet-and-piano.html

Trester, Francine: Sonata (Trumpet and Piano)

Trester, Francine: Patricia’s Aria (Trumpet and Piano)

Turner, Sara Scott: Impromptu (Trumpet and Piano)

Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne: Incantations (Trumpet and Piano)

Vehar, Persis: Lord Amherst March (Trumpet and Piano)

Vela, Ester: Presto Agitato (Trumpet and Piano)

Walker, Gwenyth: A Concerto of Hymns and Spirituals (Trumpet and Piano)

Walker, Gwenyth: Suite for Trumpet and Piano (Trumpet and Piano)

White, Liz: Sonata (Trumpet and Piano)

Williams, Natalie: Hejnal Mariacki (Trumpet and Piano)

Zwilich, Ellen Taffe: American Concerto (Trumpet and Piano)

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Trumpet and Organ

Austin, Elizabeth R: Like the Grass of These Fields (Trumpet and Organ)

Baas, Danielle: Rue de l’Ourthe op. 82 (Trumpet and Organ)

Barker, Jennifer Margaret: Salve Fiesta Dies (Trumpet and Organ)

Burrell, Diana: North Star (Trumpet and Organ)

Courtaux, Amanda: Ave Maria Nos. 1 and 2 (Trumpet and Organ)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Laudate (Trumpet and Organ)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Psalm 100 (Trumpet and Organ)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Psalm 42 (Trumpet and Organ)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Psalm 8 (Trumpet and Organ)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Psalm 93 (Trumpet and Organ)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Psalms for Trumpet and Organ
Collection of 4 works published separately – Psalms 8, 42, 93 & 100

Diemer, Emma Lou: Time Pieces (Trumpet and Organ)

Finzi, Graciane: Oratorio: Five Inventions (Trumpet and Organ)

Gay, Sandra: In the Unity of the Spirit (Trumpet and Organ)

Gay, Sandra: Radiance (Trumpet and Organ).

Harbach, Barbara: A Morning Trumpet (Trumpet, Oboe and Organ)

Harmon, Christina: Preludes and Postludes (Trumpet and Organ) music/19758219

Larsen, Libby: Engelberg Trio for Brass and Organ (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Organ)

McDowall, Cecilia: Three Antiphons (Trumpet and Organ)

Samuel, Rhian: Three Pieces (Trumpet and Organ)

Skarecky, Jana: Three Movements on Bach Themes (Trumpet and Organ)

Tailleferre, Germaine: Choral (Trumpet and Organ)

Thomas, Augusta Read: Angel Tears and Earth Prayers (2006) (Trumpet and Organ)

Van Appledorn, Mary Jean: Missa Brevis (Trumpet and Organ)

Van Appledorn, Mary Jean: Sound the Trumpet (Trumpet and Organ)

Van Ness, Patricia: Air (Flugelhorn and Organ)

Vehar, Persis: View from the Mountain Top (Two Trumpets and Organ)

Trumpet and Electronics

Gardner, Alexandra: Ituri (Trumpet, Harp and Tape)

Gilbert, Jan: The Cry of Thoth (Trumpet, Soprano and Fixed Media)

LeBaron, Anne: Way of Light (Trumpet, Audio and Video)

McCullough, Amanda: The Fifth Dimension (Trumpet and Electronics)

Mehdi, Nayla: “would it have been” (trumpet and electronics) @naylamehdi

Miller, Caroline Louise: Vitreous Jungles (Trumpet and Electronics)

Reid, Sarah Johnston (Sally): Gabriel Cometh (Trumpet and Tape)

Ronchetti, Lucia: Deserti (Trumpet and Fixed Media)

Rudman, Jessica: My Father Was a Ventriloquist (Trumpet and Fixed Electronics)

Rudow, Vivian Adelberg: Cry a Thousand Tears (Alto Flute, Trumpet, Soprano and Tape)

Talusan, Mary: Reversals and Refractions (Trumpet and Electronics)

Wiemann, Beth: Celadon (Trumpet and Computer Generated Sound)

Young, Nina C.: Chatter (Trumpet and Electronics)

Trumpet and Narrator

Ardovino, Lori: Vacation Time (Trumpet and Narrator)

Dunker, Amy: The Eleventh Hour (Trumpet and Narrator)

Piunno, Nicole: Speech of Morning (Flugelhorn, Percussion and Narrator)

Trumpet and Percussion

Byström, Britta: Dans på de saligas ängder (Trumpet and Percussion)

Chambers, Wendy: Serenade (Trumpet and Vibraphone)

Corey, Eleanor: Quartet (Oboe, Trumpet, Cello and Vibraphone)

Corey, Eleanor: Counterbrass (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Piano and Percussion)

Denisch, Beth: Anferginan (Trumpet and Percussion)

Dunker, Amy: Etesian Traveler (Trumpet, Vibraphone and Piano)

Finzi, Graciane: Memoire d’Un Reve (Trumpet and Five Timpani)

Fung, Vivian: Chanted Rituals (Trumpet and Percussion)

Gomez, Alice: Azucar! (Trumpet and Timbales)

Gomez, Alice: Latin Jazz Suite (Trumpet and Congas)

Jankowski, Loretta: Four Haiku (Trumpet and Percussion)

Jolas, Betsy: Ea : Petite Suite Variee (Trumpet and Vibraphone) 1990.aspx#26497

Larsen, Libby: Ridge-Runner (Trumpet and 2 Percussion)

Lee, Eun Young: Somewhere (Trumpet, Cello and Percussion)

Le Siege, Annette: Five Bagatelles (Trumpet and Percussion)

Lim, Liza: Ehwaz (journeying) (Trumpet and Percussion)

McDowall, Cecilia: Cool It! (Trumpet and Percussion)

Nowak, Allison: Piece (Trumpet, Trombone and 2 Percussion)

Pierson, Kala: Broader Ripples (Trumpet, Vibraphone and Piano)

Piunno, Nicole: Speech of Morning (Flugelhorn, Percussion and Narrator)

Pulatie, Leah Sproul: On the Beach at Night (Trumpet and Vibraphone)

Richards, Emma-Ruth: Invisible City (Trumpet and Timpani)!list-of-works/c5sj

Schramm, Betsy: Luminous Duo (Trumpet and Percussion)

Ustvolskaya, Galina: Symphony No. 4 (Trumpet, Tam-Tam, Contralto and Piano) piano.aspx#43532

Vierk, Lois: Red Shift 4 (Trumpet, Electric Guitar, Piano/Synthesizer and Percussion)

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Two Trumpets

White, Liza: Babylon (Trumpet and Drum Set)

Agioritis, Katrina: Baroquian (Two Trumpets) digital-sheet-music/19852761

Beamish, Sally: Fanfare for Two Trumpets (Two Trumpets) Trumpets-TR066

Beat, Janet: Fanfare for Katja (Two Trumpets)

Bouchard, Linda: Propos (Two Trumpets)

Dunker, Amy: Lullaby for Gabriel (Two Trumpets)

Ezoe, Magdalena: Alleluia (Two Trumpets)

Gubaidulina, Sofia: Two Ballads (Two Trumpets and Piano) 1423402030-i454937.htm

Hoffman, Laura: Crossfire (Two Trumpets)

Marcus, Bunita: Beige and Yellow (Cornet and Trumpet Duet)

McTee, Cindy: Fanfare for Trumpets (Two Trumpets or Ensemble)

Misurell-Mitchell, Janice: Dichophony (Two Trumpets)

Musgrave, Thea: Fanfare for a New Hall (Two Trumpets)

Piunno, Nicole: Ruminations (Two Trumpets)

Reit, Alyssa: Short and Sweet II (Two Trumpets)

Schonthal, Ruth: Fanfare (Two Trumpets and a Drum)

Schonthal, Ruth: Two Fanfares (Two Trumpets)

Schramm, Betsy: Transformations (Two Trumpets)

Shatin, Judith: Hearing the Call (Two Trumpets and Two Snare Drums)

Silverman, Faye-Ellen: Double Threat (Two Trumpets)

Silverman, Faye-Ellen: Trysts (Two Trumpets)

Thomas, Augusta Read: Jeu D’Esprit (Two Trumpets)

Vehar, Persis: View from the Mountain Top (Two Trumpets and Organ)

Trumpet and Brass Instrument Duet

Abbott, Katy: Undercurrent (Trumpet, Trombone and Piano)

Cloud, Judith: Running the Gamut (Trumpet and Tuba)

Cox, Cindy: Coriolis (Trumpet, Trombone and Piano)

Dinescu, Violeta: Elogium (Trumpet and Trombone)

Dunker, Amy: Slide Area (Trumpet and Trombone)

Kulenty, Hanna: Brass No. 2 (Trumpet (Double Bell) and Horn)

Lowry Busler, Lydia: Eliza’s Tune (Trumpet and Horn)

McDowall, Cecilia: Bells in the Air (Trumpet and Horn)

Niekirk, Anne: Dia (Trumpet and Horn)

Reit, Alyssa: Ready (Trumpet and Horn)

Webb, Orianna: Three Studies (Trumpet, Trombone and Piano)

Trumpet and Woodwind Duet

Albert, Adrienne: Doppler Effect (Trumpet, Bassoon and Piano)

Albert, Adrienne: Trumpasoon Boogie (Trumpet and Bassoon)

Anderson, Deborah J.: Duets for Keys and Valves, Op. 74 (Soprano Saxophone and Trumpet)

Dunker, Amy: White Moon (Trumpet and Clarinet)

Harbach, Barbara: A Morning Trumpet (Trumpet, Oboe and Organ)

Necasova, Jindra: Dialogues (Trumpet and Flute)

Shatin, Judith: Lost Angels (Trumpet, Bassoon and Piano)

Smith, Margery: The Musarithmetic Ark (Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Piano)

Walker, Gwenyth: Close Encounters (Trumpet and Bassoon)

York, Barbara: Amuses-Bouches (Flute and Trumpet)

Zanettovich, Daniele: Sonnerie (Trumpet and Bassoon)

Trumpet and String Duet (with Piano)

Burrell, Diana: Lucifer (Trumpet and Violin)

Davis, Sharon: American Metamorphosis (Trumpet, Cello and Piano) 6.aspx#242791

Dunker, Amy: Concordance Trio (Trumpet, Violin and Piano)

Dunker, Amy: Lament (Trumpet and Guitar)

Gardner, Alexandra: Ituri (Trumpet, Harp and Tape)

Gomez, Alice: Reflections (Trumpet and Electric Bass)

Shapiro, Alex: Elegy (Trumpet, Cello and Piano)

Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne: Rhapsody (Trumpet and Harp)

Vehar, Persis: Lux Aeterna-Roman Amphitheatre in Pula (Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Cello and Piano)

Wiemann, Beth: Di Camera (Trumpet in C, Cello and Piano)

Trumpet and Voice

Bernofsky, Laura: The Castle Builder (Alto, Cornet and Piano)

Bond, Victoria: Scat II (Soprano and Trumpet)

Dunker, Amy: City Vignettes (Tenor, Trumpet and Piano)

Gilbert, Jan: The Cry of Thoth (Trumpet, Soprano and Fixed Media)

Gilligan, Heather: Garden Songs (Soprano, Trumpet and Piano)

Harbach, Barbara: Emily (Trumpet, Soprano and Piano)

Kander, Susan: A Cycle of Songs (Mezzo-Soprano, Trumpet and Piano)

Laitman, Lori: Captivity (Soprano and Trumpet)

Lesiege, Annette: Confusion Breathes (Soprano, Trumpet, Viola, Percussion and Piano)

Meneely-Kyder, Sarah: Twilight: Taps (Soprano, Trumpet and Piano)

Miller, Sarah: William Blake Songs (Soprano, Trumpet, Cello and Percussion)

Rudow, Vivian Adelberg: Anomalies I, II, III, VI (Flute, Trumpet and Soprano)

Rudow, Vivian Adelberg: Cry a Thousand Tears (Alto Flute, Trumpet, Soprano and Tape)

Samuel, Rhian: Colours (Soprano, Trumpet and Organ)

Samuel, Rhian: The Witches Manuscript (Soprano and Brass Quintet)

Shields, Alice: Spring Music (Soprano, Oboe and Trumpet)

Skarecky, Jana: Arise My Love (Soprano, Piccolo Trumpet and Piano)

Trester, Francine: Four Thoreau Songs (Trumpet, Mezzo-Soprano and Piano)

Ustvolskaya, Galina: Symphony No. 4 (Trumpet, Tam-Tam, Contralto and Piano) piano.aspx#43532

Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne: Five Psalms (Tenor, Trumpet and Piano)

Wiemann, Beth: When Silly Bees Could Speak (Baritone Voice, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet and Trombone)

Wreede, Katrina: The Acoustics Lecture (Soprano, Trumpet and Piano)

Wreede, Katrina: The Palace of Fame (Soprano, Trumpet and Piano)

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Three Trumpets

Agioritis, Katrina: Promenade (Three Trumpets)

Agioritis, Katrina: Tricky Trumpets (Three Trumpets) music/19886645

Dunker, Amy: Fanfare for One Uncommon Man (Three Trumpets)

Gay, Sandra: Fanfare for Easter Day (Three Trumpets)

Gubaidulina, Sofia: Trio (Three Trumpets)

Kincaid, Rachel: Feverish Sleep (Three Trumpets)

Lee, Hope: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Three Trumpets)

McCullough, Amanda: Threnody (Three Trumpets)

Piunno, Nicole: Three Snapshots (Three Trumpets)

Roger, Denise: In Memoriam (Three Trumpets)

Schonthal, Ruth: Fanfare for 3 Trumpets (Three Trumpets)

Silverman, Faye-Ellen: Triple Threat (Three Trumpets)

Start, Elizabeth: Fanfare (Three Trumpets)

Tailleferre, Germaine: Allegretto (Three Trumpets)

Tailleferre, Germaine: Sonneries dans le Style Louis XV (Three Trumpets and Percussion)

Vercoe, Elizabeth: Fanfare (Three Trumpets and Timpani)

Vehar, Persis: Soundpiece (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet and Piano)

Brass Trio

Bernofsky, Lauren: Trio for Brass (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Bond, Victoria: Trio for Brass (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Callaway, Ann: Easter Sequence (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Davis, Elizabeth Skola: Summer Salmagundi (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Fanfare for Brass Trio (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Four for Three (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Quartet (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Piano)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Variation on Antioch (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone) Variation on “Joy to the World”

Figueroa, Adriana: Lands of Peace, Winds of Freedom and Magic Dreams (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Figueroa, Adriana: Three Chorals (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Gomez, Alice: Asian Persuasion (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Jolas, Betsy: Petite Sonnerie/Juin (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Jolley, Jennifer: Foot Tapping Song (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Audience Participation)!foot-tapping-song/cxeu

Moon, Beata: Curved Air (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Paredes, Ivonne: Oye (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Polin, Claire: Telemannicon II Two Canons (Two Trumpets and Horn)

Ronchetti, Lucia: Laura o delle simmetrie in ombra (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Silverman, Faye-Ellen: From Sorrow (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Van Appledorn, Mary: Trio Italiano (Trumpet, Horn and Bass Trombone)

Walker, Gwenyth: Hymns and Spirituals (Trumpet, Horn and Trombone)

Mixed Trio

Cameron, Allison: Raw Sangudo (Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Tuba)

Cloud, Judith: Three Movements (Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet and Horn)

Dunker, Amy: Concordance Trio (Trumpet, Violin and Piano)

Hulford, Denise: Fascicle (Clarinet, Trumpet and Cello)

Jiang, Jang: Three (Trumpet, Violin and Cello)

Lee, Eun Young: Somewhere (Trumpet, Cello and Percussion)

Mehocic, Beth: Movements in Red (Trumpet, Violect and Trombone)

Netzer, Osnat: Who’s the Madman? (Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone)

Oliveros, Pauline: Trio (Trumpet, Accordion and String Bass)

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Mixed Quartet

Cory, Eleanor: Quartet (Oboe, Trumpet, Vibraphone and Cello)

Diemer, Emma Lou: Quartet (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Piano)

Hasse, Jean: His Dream, His Shadow (Two Alto Saxophones and Two Trumpets)

Misurell-Mitchell, Janice: Transfusions (Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone)

Morehead, Patricia: Prairie Portraits (Violin, English Horn, Trumpet and Piano)

Neikirk, Anne: Partial Arts (Clarinet, Trumpet and Two Trombones)

Nowak, Allison: Piece (Trumpet, Trombone and 2 Percussion)

Vierk, Lois: Red Shift 4 (Trumpet, Electric Guitar, Piano/Synthesizer and Percussion)

Mixed Quintet

Cory, Eleanor: Counterbrass (Trumpet, Horn Trombone, Piano and Percussion)

Gumert, Lynn: Maror (Clarinet, Trumpet, Harp, Violin and Cello)

Lesiege, Annette: Confusion Breathes (Soprano, Trumpet, Viola, Percussion and Piano)

LeBaron, Anne: Bouquet of a Phantom (Trumpet, Tuba, Electric Guitar, Percussion and Harp)

Mazzoli, Missy: Set that on Fire (Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin and Piano) 2013.aspx#346729

Mazzoli, Missy: The Sound of the Light (Flute, Violin, Trumpet, Trombone and Piano)

Trumpet Quartet

Bouchard, Linda: Propos IV (Four Trumpets)

Desportes, Yvonne: Cinq Petite Pieces (Four Trumpets) d&category=void&epartitions=all&tri=composer

Dunker, Amy: Gasconade Fanfare (Four Trumpets) 0AP%2D3168

Gay, Sandra: Intrada (Four Trumpets and Timpani)

Hasse, Jean: By the Way (Four Trumpets)

Hoelszky, Adriana: Weltenenden : For One Or Four Brass Instruments

McCullough, Amanda: Fanfare (Four Trumpets)

Moe, Betty: A Flourish of Fanfares (Four Trumpets)

Mundry, Isabel: Geträume Räume (Four Trumpets)

Murphy, Kelly-Marie: Fanfare (Four Trumpets)

Piunno, Nicole: Path of Most Resistance (Four Trumpets)

Sharma, Liz: 4X4 (Four Trumpets)

Sharma, Liz: Fanfare for Changing Times (Four Trumpets)

Van de Vate, Nancy: Two Bagatelles for Four Trumpets (Four Trumpets)

Zwilich, Ellen Taffe: Clarino Quartet (Four Trumpets)

Brass Quartet

Agioritis, Katrina: Hip 2-Dat! (Two Trumpets, Trombone (Horn) and Tuba (Trombone))

Agioritis, Katrina: Midnight Haze (Two Trumpets, Trombone (Horn) and Tuba (Trombone)

Agioritis, Katrina: Cool, Calm and Collected (Two Trumpets, Trombone (Horn) and Tuba (Trombone)) music/19883648

Anderson, Beth: The Brass Swale (Brass Quartet)

Chamberlain, Nicole: Mini Fanfare (Two Trumpets and Two Trombones)

Ellis, Kathryn: Fanfare (Brass Quartet)

Fine, Vivian: Quartet for Brass (Brass Quartet),_Vivian)

Frasier, Jane: Brass Quartet (Two Trumpets, Horn and Trombone)

Gubaidulina, Sofia: Quattro (Two Trumpets and Two Trombones)

Hasse, Jean: By the Way (2 Tpt, Hn and OR 2 Tpt and 2 Tbn

Hoelszky, Adriana: Weltenenden : For One Or Four Brass Instruments

Louie, Alexina: Gouldberg Fanfare #1 (2 Trumpets and 2 Horns)

Louie, Alexina: Gouldberg Fanfare #2 (2 Trumpets and 2 Horns)

Raum, Elizabeth: Quartet for Brass (2 Trumpets and 2 Trombones)

Shields, Alice: Fanfare (Two Trumpets and Two Trombones)

Thomas, Augusta Read: Scherzi Musicali (2 Trumpets, Horn and Trombone)

Van de Vate, Nancy: Diversion (2 Trumpets, Horn and Trombone)

Van de Vate, Nancy: Short Suite (2 Trumpets, Horn and Trombone)

Zanettovich, Daniele: Suite por Quatre (2 Trumpets, Horn and Trombone) music/17557566

Five or More Trumpets

Archer, Kimberly: Obsequies (Trumpet Ensemble)

Backhaus, Patricia: Fanfare (Six Trumpets and Percussion) 53&controller=product

Bouchard, Linda: Propos (Trumpet Alone or Trumpet Ensemble)

Childs, Mary Ellen: Palimpsest (Multiple Trumpets)

Dunker, Amy: Florisschen (Six Trumpets)

Dunker, Amy: Heralding (Five Trumpets)

Dunker, Amy: Legends: Cries from the Plains (Six Trumpets)

Dunker, Amy: One Blackbird (Flugelhorn, Six Trumpets and Vibraphone)

Fletcher, Jennifer: Fanfare of the Bells (Six Trumpets)

Hasse, Jean: Boston Common Brass (Eight Trumpets)

McCullough, Amanda: Hook Echo (4 Trumpets and 2 Flugelhorns)

McCullough, Amanda: Incongruous Hues (Trumpet Ensemble)

McTee, Cindy: Fanfare for Trumpets (Two Trumpets or Ensemble)

McTee, Cindy: Octonal Escalade (Trumpet Ensemble)

Munn, Zae: Trumpet Calls (Twenty C Trumpets)

Piunno, Nicole: The Heavens Proclaim (Twelve Trumpets)

Roger, Denise: Triptyque (Five Trumpets)

Sharma, Liz: Leading In (Eight to Twelve Trumpets)

Sharma, Liz: Portraits (Six Trumpets)

Sharma, Liz: Watching Light (Six Trumpets)

Sung, Stella: Fanfare for the Knights (Trumpet Ensemble)!__compositions

Sung, Stella: Pegasus Dances with the Stars (Trumpet Ensemble)!__compositions

Tower, Joan: Fanfare for the Uncommon Women (Five Trumpets)

Vierk, Lois: Cirrus (Six Trumpets)

Wiemann, Beth: Brass Rings (Eight Trumpets)

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Brass Quintet

Agioritis, Katrina: Midnight Haze (Brass Quintet)

Alexandra, Liana: Collages (Brass Quintet)!/alexandra.liana.1

Anderson, Beth: Saturday/Sunday Swale (Brass Quintet)

Anderson, Beth: The Brass Swale (Brass Quintet)

Arakaki, Renee: Synapses (Brass Quintet and Percussion)

Austin, Elizabeth R.: To Begin (Brass Quintet)

Austin, Elizabeth R.: A Triadic Tribute (Brass Quintet and Organ) Y&ordr=title&inst=_

Baas, Danielle: Anachromes op. 79 (Brass Quintet)

Baas, Danielle: Things of Spirit op. 109 (Brass Quintet)

Barnett, Carol: Mysterious Brass Band (Brass Quintet)

Bernofsky, Lauren: The Duxbury Fanfare (Brass Quintet)

Bernofsky, Lauren: Fanfare (Brass Quintet)

Bernofsky, Lauren: Musica Solaris (Brass Quintet)

Bernofsky, Lauren: Passacaglia (Brass Quintet)

Bernofsky, Lauren: Suite (Brass Quintet)

Bingham, Judith: Dream of the Past (Brass Quintet) 2009.aspx#338988

Bond, Victoria: Languor/Anger/Clangor (Brass Quintet)

Bouchard, Linda: Tossing Diamonds (Brass Quintet)

Bremer, Carolyn: Opposable Thumbs (Brass Quintet)

Brouwer, Margaret: Celebration (Brass Quintet)

Brouwer, Margaret: Timespan (Brass Quintet)

Brouwer, Margaret: Tolling the Spirits (Brass Quintet)

Byström, Britta: Inferno for An Actor (Brass Quintet and Narrator)

Camm, Cheryl: Four Pieces for Brass Quintet (Brass Quintet)

Clews, Eileen: Clews Brass Crackers (Brass Quintet)

Cloud, Judith: Three Dogs from Greek Mythology (Brass Quintet)

Cloud, Judith: Hello Cupcake! (Brass Quintet)

Comolli, Gia: A Little Brass Music (Brass Quintet)

Corey, Eleanor: Brass Quintet (Brass Quintet)

Desportes, Yvonne: Imageries d’Antan (Brass Quintet)

Deussen, Nancy Bloomer: Canticles for Brass (Brass Quintet)!compositions/cx3

Deussen, Nancy Bloomer: Ceremonial (Brass Quintet)!compositions/cx3

Deussen, Nancy Bloomer: Tribute to the Ancients (Brass Quintet)!compositions/cx3

Dunker, Amy: Convocation Fanfare (Brass Quintet)

Dunker, Amy: X-Fare (Brass Quintet)

Epstein, Marti: Albion Moonlight (Brass Quintet)

Epstein, Marti: The Five Chairs (Brass Quintet)

Epstein, Marti: L’Homme Arme (Brass Quintet)

Figueroa, Adriana: Two Argentinian Pictures (Brass Quintet)

Fine, Elaine: Two Pieces for Brass Quintet (Brass Quintet)

Garrop, Stacy: Helios (Brass Quintet) (score) (parts)

Gay, Sandra: Festival Antiphon for Easter Day (Brass Quintet and Organ)

Gay, Sandra: A Mighty Joyful Celebration (3 Tpt, Tbn, Tba and Organ)

Giebler, Cyndee: Fast Dance (Brass Quintet)

Gomez, Alice: Huapango Guango (Brass Quintet)

Gomez, Alice: Hydra (Brass Quintet)

Gomez, Alice: Salsa Metallica (Brass Quintet)

Harbach, Barbara: Rhapsody Ritmico (Brass Quintet)

Higdon, Jennifer: Ceremonies (Brass Quintet and Organ)

Higdon, Jennifer: Fanfare Quintet (Brass Quintet)

Hoppe, Micaela: Natt i staden (Brass Quintet)

Hsu, Chia-Yu: Sparkle (Brass Quintet)

Hulford, Denise: Bold as Brass (Brass Quintet)

Inwood, Mary: Brass Quintet No. 2 (Brass Quintet)

Joyce-Walter, Mary Ann: Fanfare on Te Deum (Brass Quintet and Timpani) Y&ordr=title&inst=_

Kilstofte, Anne: Brass Quintet No. 1 (Brass Quintet)

Kilstofte, Anne: Christmas Reflections (Brass Quintet)

Kim, Chan Ji: Prelude for Quiet Morning (Brass Quintet)

Kuzmenko, Larysa: Impromptu and Toccata (Brass Quintet)

Kuzmenko, Larysa: Grimoire (Brass Quintet)

Larsen, Libby: Brazen Overture (Brass Quintet)

Larsen, Libby: Fanfare for a Learned Man (Brass Quintet)

Larsen, Libby: He Arose: Fanfare for Easter (2 Tpt, Hn, 2 Tbn and Organ)

LeBaron, Anne: Three Motion Atmospheres (Brass Quintet)

Lee, Wendy Wan-Ki: Conquered Quest (Brass Quintet)

Lejit, Edith: Music for Trumpet and Brass Quintet (Trumpet Solo and Brass Quintet)

Leon, Tania: Saoko (Brass Quintet)

Lesiege, Anne: Equilibrium (Brass Quintet)

Lindquist, Ellen: Fanfare (Brass Quintet)

Lipper, Binnette: Chorale and Escapade (Brass Quintet) Y&ordr=title&inst=_

Maier, Melissa: Brass Quintet (Brass Quintet)

Mamlock, Ursula: Pieces (Brass Quintet)

Marshall, Pamela: Among Friends (Tpt, 2 Hn, Euph, Tbn)

Marshall, Pamela: Hillside (Brass Quintet)

Marshall, Pamela: Kaleidescope-Departures (Brass Quintet)

Marshall, Pamela: Wanderer (Brass Quintet)

McGinty, Anne: Adventus Emmanuel (Brass Quitnet)

McGinty, Anne: A Christmas Fanfare (Brass Quintet)

McGinty, Anne: Drive Thru (Brass Quintet)

Megargel, Esther: House of Mirrors (Brass Quintet)

Milch-Sheriff, Ella: Divertimento (Brass Quintet)

Miller, Sarah: Sunbursts: A Field of Asters

Mitchell, Darleen Cowles: Processional and Recessional for an Ordination (Brass Quintet)

Mitchell, Darleen Cowles: Sound Forth (Brass Quintet and Organ)

Mitchell, Darleen Cowles: Southern Harmony (Brass Quintet)

Moe, Betty: Family Fanfares (Brass Quintet)

Moe, Betty: Galliard Suite (Brass Quintet)

Morehead, Patricia: Suite Noir (Brass Quintet)

Morris, Valarie: Doors (Brass Quintet)

Morris, Valarie: Nodes and Codes (Brass Quintet)

Musgrave, Thea: Fanfare (Brass Quintet)

Page, Carrie Leigh: Intrada (Brass Quintet)

Peterson, Lynn L.: Brass Tacks (Brass Quintet) 28&controller=product

Pettigrew, Laura: Tranquillitas Animi (Peace) (Brass Quintet and Percussion)

Polin, Claire: Journey of Owain Madoc (Brass Quintet, Piano and 10 Percussion)

Polin, Claire: Makimono II (Brass Quintet)

Poteat , Angelique: Echo Lake (Brass Quintet)

Price, Deon: A Fateful Trip: President Harding’s Train to Alaska (Brass Quintet)

Raum, Elizabeth: Quintet for Brass (Brass Quintet)

Reid, Sally: Carousel (Brass Quintet and Synthesized or Recorded Carousel)

Richter, Marga: Ricercare (Brass Quintet) trombone-1958.aspx#279446

Roger, Denise: Ciselures (Brass Quintet)=

Roger, Denise: Climats (Brass Quintet)

Roger, Denise: Supplique – Polychromie (Brass Quintet)

Samuel, Rhian: Brass Tacks (Brass Quintet)

Samuel, Rhian: Dovey Junction (Brass Quintet)

Samuel, Rhian: The Witches Manuscript (Soprano and Brass Quintet)

Schramm, Betsy: Illusions of the Masque (Brass Quintet)

Shatin, Judith: Fantasia Sobre el Flamenco (2 Tpt, 2 Tbn, Tba or Hn)

Shatin, Judith: Monument in Brass (Brass Quintet)

Shore, Claire: Brass Quintet (2 Tpt, Hn, Tbn and Bass Tbn)

Shore, Claire: Game Piece #1 (Brass Quintet)

Shore, Claire: Whispered Reflections (2 Tpt, Hn, Tbn and Bass Tbn)

Shrude, Marilyn: Odyssey – Flights of the Imagination (Brass Quintet)

Silverman, Faye-Ellen: Kalends (Brass Quintet)

Silverman, Faye-Ellen: Quantum Quintet (Brass Quintet)

Skarecky, Jana: Sea Window (Brass Quintet)

Start, Elizabeth: Fanfare (Brass Quintet)

Start, Elizabeth: Trestle Tang (Brass Quintet)

Tailleferre, Germaine: Choral et deux Variations (Brass Quintet)

Teffler, Nancy: Inner Space (Brass Quintet)

Tower, Joan: Copperwave (Brass Quintet) parts-50486855-1423459032-884088262662-i4490522.htm

Van de Vate, Nancy: Brass Quintet No. 2 Variations on the Streets of Laredo (Brass Quintet) 2005.aspx#220958 2005.aspx#220959

Van de Vate, Nancy: Quintet for Brass (Brass Quintet)

Vehar, Persis: Sonata (Brass Quintet)

Wagner, Melinda: Brass Quintet No. 1 (Brass Quintet)

Walker, Gwyneth: Bright Brass (Brass Quintet)

Walker, Gwyneth: Fanfare Among Friends (Brass Quintet) music/19950000

Walker, Gwyneth: The Flying Trapeze (Brass Quintet)

Walker, Gwyneth: The Light Descending (Brass Quintet)

Walker, Gwyneth: The Race (Brass Quintet and Narrator)

Walker, Gwyneth: Raise the Roof (Brass Quintet)

Walker, Gwyneth: Seacoasts (Brass Quintet)

Walker, Gwyneth: Shaker Tunes (Brass Quintet)

Walker, Gwyneth: Sweet Imagination (Brass Quintet)

Walker, Gwyneth: A Time Apart (Brass Quintet)

Wang, Hsaio-Lan: Transformation (Brass Quintet)

White, Liza: Elegy (Brass Quintet)

Worthington, Rain: Tangents (Brass Quintet)

York, Barbara: Aspects (Brass Quintet)

Zaimont, Judith Lang: Winter Music Chanty for Brass Quintet (Brass Quintet)

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Brass Ensemble

Albert, Adrienne: Fanfare for 13 Brass ( 4 hn, 4 tpt, 4 tbn, 1 tuba)

Applebaum, Allyson Brown: Premises (Tuba Solo, 2 Tpt, 2 Hn, 2 Tbn, Narrator and Tape)

Beamish, Sally: Caprington Doubles: A Fanfare for Gilmorehill (3 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3 Tbn, Bass Tbn and Tba)

Beat, Janet: Splendour Falls (3 Tpt, 2 Tbn, Bass Trombone and Tba)

Bingham, Judith: Snows Descend (4 Tpt, Hn, 3 Tbn, Bass Tbn and Tba)

Bjørntvedt, Kaja: OM quiet meditation (Brass Dectet)!worklist

Bremer, Carolyn: The Four Winds (Brass Ensemble)

Bremer, Carolyn: Throw Caution to the Wind (Brass Ensemble and Percussion)

Clearfield, Andrea: Millennium Fanfare (2 horns, 4 trpts and 3 trbns)

Deussen, Nancy Bloomer: Canticles for Brass (Double Brass Quintet or Brass Sextet)!compositions/cx3

Diemer, Emma Lou: Declamation (4 Tpt, 2 Hn, Tbn, Bass Tbn, Euph, Tba and Percussion).

Dunker, Amy: Across the Continental Divide (Brass Ensemble (3 Tpt, 2 Hn, 3 Tbn, and Tba))

Dunker, Amy: Ceremonies (3 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3 Tbn and Tba)

Dunker, Amy: The Mountains Surround Us (Brass Ensemble (3 Tpt, 2 Hn and 3 Tbn))

Faxon, Nancy Plummer: Fanfare in Memory of Virgil Fox (3 Tpt, 3 Tbn, Timpani and Organ) and-organ.aspx#5546

Figueroa, Adriana: La Banda de la Playa (Brass Ensemble)

Fisher, Gladys: Days of 49 (2 Tpt, Hn, Tbn, Euph and Tba)

Fisher, Helen: Ko Wharepapa Te Maunga (2 Tpt, 4 Hn, Tbn and Tba)

Galbraith, Nancy: Gloria Te Deum (4 Tpt, 4 Tbn and Organ) organ.aspx#212570

Frasier, Jane: The Big Red Ranch (4 Tpt, 2 Hn, 2 Tbn and 2 Tba)

Galbraith, Nancy: Luminosity (Brass Band)

Ghandar, Ann: Music for the Prince (Eb Soprano Cornet, 4 Bb Cornets, Flugelhorn, 3 Tenor Horns, 2 Baritones (Bb), 2 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, 2 Basses (Tubas))

Gay, Sandra: Concerto for Double Brass Quartet (3 Tpt, 2 Hn, Tbn, Baritone and Tba

Gay, Sandra: Fanfare for Double Brass Choir

Gay, Sandra: Festival Flourish (4 Tpt, Hn, 2 Tbn, Tba and Organ)

Gay, Sandra: Tantara (4 Tpt, Hn, 2 Tbn and Tba)

Gomez, Alice: Fanfare for the Forgotten Empire (4 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3 Tbn, Tba, Timpani and Percussion) percussion.aspx#349284

Gotkovsky, Ida: Fanfare (4 Tpt, 3 Tbn, Bass Tbn, Tuba and Percussion)

Hasse, Jean: ABCD (3 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3Tbn and Tba)

Hasse, Jean: Reflecting Dreams (18 Tpt, 12 Hn, 12 Tbn and 8 Tba)

Hasse, Jean: Tower Piece (4 Tpt and 4 Tbn)

Hayes, Sorel: Houston Light Guard March (Brass Band)

Higdon, Jennifer: Spirit (3 Tpt, 4 Hn, 2 Tbn, Bass Tbn, Tba, Timpani, 3 Perc)

Higdon, Jennifer: Tenfold (3 Tpt, 4 Hn, 2 Tbn, Bass Tbn, Tba, Timpani, 3 Perc)

Hoffman, Laura: And with the leaving/Compline (8 Tpt, 6 Hn, 5 Tbn and 3 Tba OR 7 Tpt, 5 Hn, 4 Tbn, Bass Tbn, 2 Tba)

Hoover, Katherine: Three Movements (2 tpt, 2 Hn, Tbn and Tba) Y&ordr=title&inst=_

Inwood, Mary: Three Movements for Brass Sextet (Brass Ensemble)

Kilstofte, Anne: Christmas Reflections (Brass Octet)

Kuzmenko, Larysa: Piano Concerto (Piano Solo and Brass Band)

Larsen, Libby: Brass Flight (2 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3 Tbn and 2 Tba)

Larsen, Libby: Fanfare for Humanity (3 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3 Tbn and Tba)

Lee, Hope: Nohr (Brass Sextet)

Leon, Tania: Ascend (4 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3 Tbn, Tba and 3 Perc)

Leon, Tania: Crossings (4 Tpt, Hn, 4 Tbn and Tba)

Leon, Tania: Fanfarria (4 tpt, 2 Tbn, Bass Tbn and 1 Perc )

McGinty, Anne: Changes (Tpt, 2 Hn, 2 Tbn and Tba)

McGinty, Anne: Equinox (Cornet, 2Tpt, 3 Hn, 3 Tbn, Bass Tbn and Tba)

McGinty, Anne: Fanfares, Questions and Answers (4 Tpt, 4 Tbn, Bass Tbn and Solo Bass Tbn)

McGinty, Anne: Motivations (Brass Band)

McGinty, Anne: Seven (2 Tpt, Hn, 2 Tbn and Tba)

Munn, Zae: Ockeghem Today (3 tp, 4 hn, 3 tbn, 1 tba)

Olive, Vivienne: Ragtimes and Sad Songs (4 Tpts, Hn, 3 Tbn, Bass Tbn and Tba)

Pettigrew, Laura: Adamastor (Brass Ensemble)

Pettigrew, Laura: A Terra (Brass Ensemble and Percussion)

Pettigrew, Laura: Fanfare 55 (Brass Ensemble)

Pettigrew, Laura: Fanfare for the Royal Family (Brass Ensemble)

Pettigrew, Laura: Neptune (Brass Ensemble and Drum Line)

Price, Deon: Three Chorals (4 Tpt, 4 Hn, 4 Tbn and Tba OR 5 Tpt, 4 Hn, 2 Bar, 2 Tbn and Tba)

Raum, Elizabeth: Legislative Assembly Fanfare (Brass Ensemble and Percussion)

Raum, Elizabeth: Processional Fanfare (2 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3 Tbn, Tba, Timpani and Percussion)

Ruehr, Elena: In Time of Silver Rain (Brass Nonet and 1 Percussion)

Ruehr, Elena: The Voyage Out (Brass Ensemble)

Shatin, Judith: Teruah (Shofar, 2 Tpts, 3 Hns, 2 Tbns and Timpani)

Silverman, Faye-Ellen: At the Colour Café (4 Tpt, 4 Hn, 2 Tbn, Bass Tbn, Tba, Perc)

Sung, Stella: Fanfare (Brass Ensemble)!__compositions

Sung, Stella: Towards Light (Brass Ensemble)!__compositions

Thomas, August Read: Fête (6 Tpt and 3 Tbn)

Thomas, Karen: Clarion Dances (4 Tpt, 4 Hn, 3 Tbn and Tuba)

Tower, Joan: Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman No. 1, 2, 3 (Brass Ensemble) i107649.htm

Vehar, Persis: The Four Directions (Brass Ensemble and Percussion)

Vierk, Lois: Jagged Mesa (2 Tpt, 2 Tbn and 2 Bass Tbn) 1990.aspx#272000

Walker, Gwenyth: Jubilee (Brass Ensemble and 2 Perc)

Wang, Hsaio-Lan: and then it turns to gold (Brass Ensemble and Percussion)

Williams, Amy: JB Montage (Brass Ensemble)

Wreede, Katrina: Tuba Bequine (Tuba Solo, 4 Tpt, Picc Tpt, 4 Hn, Tbn, Bass Tbn, Euph and Opt. Percussion)

Young, Nina: Fata Morgana ( +2 perc)

Zaimont, Judith Lang: Dramatic Fanfare (3 Tpt, 2 Hn, 3 Tbn and Tba)


Suggestions of literature and method books from our players.

Cindy Scaruffi-Klispie: Solos/Concertos: Torelli, Telemann in D, Telemann Heroic Music, Fasch, Haydn, Hummel, Neruda, Bitsch: Four Variations, Bozza: Rustiques, Tomasi, Hindemith, Arutunian, Ewazen Sonata. Method Books: Arban Method, Clarke Technical Studies, Getchell First and Second Books of Practical Studies, Irons 27 Lip Flexibility Groups, Schlossberg, Flow Studies, Rubank Advanced Vol. I and Vol. II, Concone Lyrical Studies, Rochut, Charlier. Orchestral Studies for Trumpet (20) by Cindy Scaruffi-Klispie.

Stacy Simpson: Solos/Concertos: Sonata – Halsey Stevens, Theo Charlier – Solo de Concours, Rose Variations – Robert Russell Bennett, Incantation, Threne & Danse – Alfred Desenclos, Slovonic Fantasy – Carl Hohne, 4 Variations on a Theme By Domenico Scarlatti – Marcel Bitsch. Favorite Method Books: Hermann Pietzsch – The Trumpet, Jean-Baptist Arban – Complete Conservatory/ French version, Anthony Plog – Method for Trumpet, James Stamp – Warm-Ups and Studies: Timofey Dokshitser – Trumpet Method, Pierre Thibaud – Three Volume Set. Favorite Trumpet Ensemble Pieces: Verne Reynolds – Music for 5 Trumpets, Erik Morales – Crystal Spheres, Erik Morales – Infinite Ascent, Erik Morales – Cyclone, Henri Tomasi – Suite for Three Trumpets, Anthony Plog – Contrasts for Five Trumpets, Anthony Plog – Suite for Six Trumpets.

Yvonne Toll:
Standard Solo lit examples for students (through HS, but some may also apply to College level): for the Trumpet (collection), Carnaval (collection,) Rubank beginner-intermediate (collections), Corelli Sonata VIII, Bach Bist du bei Mir, Ropartz, Handel Aria with Variations, Goedicke Concert Etude, Clarke Carnival of Venice, Arbans Carnival of Venice, Kent Kennan Sonata, Flor Peters Sonata, Hummel Concerto, Haydn Concerto, Arutunian Concerto. My favorite Trumpet Concerto: ArutunianFavorite Teaching materials: Beginner-HS (Some music may also apply for college and adult students): Standard of Excellence Books 1-3, Essential Elements 1-2, Bill Bay Fun with Trumpet , Getchell 1st and 2nd Books of Practical Studies, Irons (lip slurs), Hering 32 Etudes, Concone Lyrical Studies, Rochut Lyrical Studies, Snedecor Lyrical Studies, Clarke Technical Studies, Clarke Characteristic Studies, Arbans, Charlier, Brandt 34 Orchestral Studies, Bousquet Celebrated studies, Smith Top Tones. Orchestral pieces: Mahler Symphony #1 and Beethoven Symphony #9. Favorite opera: Puccini Turandot (has a happy ending plus great brass parts) Other Favorites: Trumpet Shall Sound from Handel’s Messiah, Rutter Gloria, Bach b minor Mass, Enesco Legende, Baroque concertos by Torelli, Telemann, Albinoni, Tartini, Bach Brandenburg #2.

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