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Theresa Hanebury

Yamaha C, Bach 229 C, Bach Strad Bb Med bore, Bach Strad Bb large bore, Bach XL Eb/ D gold brass, Schilke Eb/D, Schilke 4 valve F/G, Schilke P5-4 Bb-A piccolo, Scherzer Bb/A rotary picc, Herald Trumpet, Rotary C, Getzen large bore Bb Cornet, Bach Bb Cornet, Schilke Eb Soprano Cornet, 4 hole Natural Trumpet, 3 Hole Naumann Natural Trumpet.

Amanda Pepping

B-flat: Sonaré, C: Blackburn, Piccolo: A/B-flat Schilke P5-4, E-flat/E: Yamaha, Flugelhorn: Blessing, Copper bell, Baroque Trumpets: Egger with Ehe bells, Endorsements: Sonare (which is Blessing)
Mouthpieces: Pickett 1B/26 with #2/26 shank; Egger 6A, Bach 7E for piccolo

Judith Saxton

C trumpet: Bach CL 180S 25A pipe/229 bell, Bb trumpet: Bach 37 ml silver, Jazz Bb: 1946 King Liberty Bb trumpet, Piccolo trumpet: Schilke P -7 prototype Bb/A piccolo, silver – copper bell Schilke P5/4, blackburn A leadpipe, Eb: Bach D/Eb EL bore, silver GB heavy bell 229, Bb Cornet: Getzen Eterna silver, C Cornet: Bill Pfund – gold brass bell, Old Bb Cornet: 1890 Missenharter Bb/A/C original engraving, Rotary Monke C, Flugelhorn Cuesnon 3-valve.
Mouthpieces: Trumpet: Bach Old 3C mouthpiece: V -shaped cup 26 throat; Scott Laskey custom trumpet/flugelhorn cup. Piccolo: Karl Hammond Custom – similar to Blackhill 5p for Blackburn A pipe: Bach 7E, 117 backbore, Eb: Karl Hammond Custom, Cornet: Mt. Vernon Bach 3C, Dennis Wick 3B or 4B, Rotary: Terry Warburton 4MD with a 10 backbore, Flugel: Bach 3C flugel, Natural/Baroque trumpet: Naumann 5B-E (Egger).

Cindy Scaruffi-Klispie

Bach Strad CL 180S Trumpet 25A/239 bell w/ custom pitch finder/main tuning slide and heavy gold caps, Bach Strad Bb Trumpet 180S ML 43 bell, Bach Strad Mt. Vernon Bb, Ganter C Rotary, Ganter Bb Rotary, Benge Bb Trumpet (1970) Shows/Jazz, Schilke D-Eb, Schilke P5-4 Bb-A Piccolo w/ separate A leadpipe and added trigger and finger ring, Getzen Flugelhorn, BfB Natural/Baroque Trumpet in C and D vented and unvented A=440, Blessing Bb Herald Trumpet, Conn Bb Wonder Cornet (1913). Mouthpieces: Bach 2C Gold Megatone Mouthpiece 26 throat 7 backbore, Stork Custom Vacchiano 3E Shows/Jazz, Laskey Custom made Eilers Bach rim 16 on a Schilke C underpart 1172 for D/Eb, Bach E5 117 2C cup Cornet 117 throat screw rim for piccolo, Schilke 14A4A Cornet for Brandenburg 2, et al, 2C cornet. LefreQue Gold sound bridge.

Stacy Simpson

Bach 50th Anniversary, Bb – Bach 37 – leadwork, C – Yamaha New York Gen 2, Rotary C – Thein, D – Bach 239, Eb/D – Blackburn, E, F, G – Schilke,Piccolo – Kanstul 920, Piccolo – Scherzer, Flugelhorn – Courtois, Bb Cornet – Thein, C Cornet – Getzen 3850, Natural Trumpet – Anonymous, Corno da Caccia – Thein. Warburton Mouthpieces.

Sarah Stoneback

Bb Flat TrumpetBach Stradivarius model 37
C Trumpet Bach Stradivarius Model 229
Piccolo Trumpet: Henri Selmer Paris Bell 703 Bb/A Piccolo lead pipe. Mouthpieces: Bach stock 27, 3C Piccolo – Depending on rep, Bach stock 27, 3C and Pickett Brass 9DE rim/ Jens Lindemann #1/27 shank (for Brandenburg especially!)

Yvonne Toll Schneider

Bb Tpt. Yamaha Artist Model Chicago II, C Yamaha Artist Model Chicago II, Eb/D Schilke E3L, Piccolo Schilke P5-4 gold plated, C Rotary  Schagerl, Bb Rotary  Ganter Royale Model, Bach Bb Cornet, Flugelhorn Yamaha.  Mouthpieces: 3C mouthpiece for big horns, GR for Piccolo and Fluglehorn, G3 for Rotary

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” – Maya Angelou

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